Data privacy
IntroductionMost people feel safe when they are within the confines of a perimeter wall. Others feel more secure when there is someone watching over their home. Children seek relief in the sight and knowledge that their parents are paying attention to what is happening to them. The advent of the internet has changed how the...
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IntroductionOn 15 June 2021, Airtel Uganda Limited (“Airtel”), a telecommunications service provider in Uganda, sent out a message to its customers. It read, “Your Airtel Money Account & related data is being transferred to Airtel Mobile Commerce (U) Ltd. Continued use of the service shall be taken as your acceptance.” On the face of it,...
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The Tech Privacy Legal Lab as part of its mission to ensure privacy and the accountable use of technology, trained Coronet Consult Limited, a company focused on collateral management and business advisory. The training encompassed data protection and privacy. There were eight staff from Coronet Consult that were trained. Businesses have an enhanced obligation to...
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